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Amazon Returns

Amazon QR Codes are accepted at official UPS Stores.  Amazon also frequently changes the

steps for getting a Barcode Shipping Label, but we update our instructions frequesntly as well.

Please follow the instructions below to retrieve your shipping label. If this doesn't work, calling Amazon and letting them know you don't have a local UPS Store usually helps get a barcoded label.

Step One:
From the Amazon home page click, "Returns & Orders".
Step One.JPG
Step Two:
From the "Your Order", click the
"Return or Replace Items"
button to start your return. You may need to cancel your return before you can start this step if you've already started one.
Step Two.JPG
Step Three:
From the "Choose items to return" screen select the correct reason for returning this item from the first drop down box.  You may be required to give a comment underneath the reason.  Click "Continue" when complete.
Step Three.JPG
Step Four:
Select which method you would like to be refunded, either "Refund to your Amazon account balance" or "Refund to your Credit Card." Click "Continue" when complete.
Step Four.JPG
Step Five:
Under "How will you mail your return?" select "UPS Drop-off Box and Label Needed", please note you may be charged for the label.  This is an amazon policy not GP's.  Once this is selected, click "Confirm Your Return" to complete your return.
Step Five.JPG
Step Six:
Your return has been processed and you are ready to ship your package back.  Here you will have two options:  1) Click "Print label & instructions" and you will continue to Step Seven-A or 2) Click "Email copy of label" and you will continue to Step Seven-B.
Step Six.JPG
Step Seven-A:
If you click "Print label & instructions in the previous step, you will be taken to a new screen. Here you will click "Print Label & instructions" to print you label on your personal home or office printer.
Step Seven-A.JPG
Step Seven-B:
If you click "Email copy of label" in the previous step, you will be taken to a pop-up window.  Here you will click "Send to a friend" and email a copy of your label to and we can print
your label for $1. 
**Please note we cannot print a QR and use it for Amazon returns.**
Step Seven-B.JPG
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