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Carrier Pickup


Express: 11:00 AM

Monday - Friday

Ground: 4:00 PM

Express: 4:00 PM

Carrier Pickup


AIR: 11:00 AM

Monday - Friday

Ground: 5:00 PM

AIR: 5:00 PM

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Carrier Pickup


After 12:00 pm

Monday - Friday

After 11:00 am

Our Carriers



GP happily accepts drop-offs with prepaid shipping labels from FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

**Please note, at this time we are unable to accept or process QR Codes.**


Need the label printed? No problem! Forward the label to our Email:

We will print any accepted shipping label for a small fee.


In a hurry? Have your packages sealed, labeled and ready to go for faster drop-off service.


GP stocks a wide variety of boxes, padded mailers and shipping bags for your convenience. We also stock bubble wrap and biodegradable peanuts along with gift bags, gift wrap and a huge selection of cards to make us your one stop shipping shop.


At GP, our staff will happily pack your items to the highest standards.

We want your package to arrive safely. We use quality packaging materials and professional shipping practices. 


In line with our high standards, packing your items can be time consuming. Please leave enough time in your schedule for our staff to adequately pack and ship your items. If you have multiple items to pack, email us at us to discuss drop off with finalization of your

shipments online.

& Holding

GP happily accepts and holds packages for you for $5.00 each.


This service is offered to anyone that needs to have a package redirected to

GP Boone for multiple reasons - recipient lives in a dorm or apartment - recipient wants their package(s) stored safely and out of the elements until they can pick them up -customer is visiting and needs a package receiver.

Be sure to email us with your contact information and when to expect the package(s). We can email you when they arrive.


GP is dedicated to making sure your package arrives safely. We also offer additional insurance as added protection against unforeseen damage or loss.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer additional blind insurance as we must photograph the items and the entire packing process to be sure your shipment meets the insurance requirements. 

Shipping Tips

No one knows your associates, friends or family's information better than YOU! Be sure you have the correct info before shipping.

GP Boone has many checks built into our system and we verify addresses as true addresses, but shipments go smoother if we start with the correct info. If you are unsure about anything - check with us before we create the label. We are happy to help.

1) Be sure you have correct info!

2) Leave enough time to ship.

The GPB Team is committed to getting your shipments taken care of as quickly as possible. But remember-Shipping a package has a long list of things that have to be done correctly to be sure your package gets delivered properly. GP Boone has OPTIONS for our customers. Shipping is not one-size-fits-all here! We have 3 carriers and multiple options in those carriers. Leave time so that we can help you pick the BEST shipping option for each shipment.

3) There are things we CAN'T ship.

There are many common items that are considered Dangerous Goods that have to be shipped through a Hazardous Shipping facility. The tricky thing is that sometimes one carrier may allow an item and another carrier may not. --Thank goodness GPB has a handbook with lots of info about what is OK and what is not OK to ship via each carrier and 18+ years of experience. If you are worried about something you need to ship, email us before you come by. That way we can research your question before you arrive.

GPB offers additional shipping insurance, but there are rules to follow or your claim may be denied. We are required to photograph and verify what you say is in the box- really is. GPB is careful to follow the proper steps to be sure your insurance claim will be valid, should we need to file one for you. Ask for a Shipping Insurance Info card next time you are at GPB. It has lots of great info. GPB has special stickers for the insured shipments explaining what to do when a damaged package is received. This way the person you are shipping to knows what steps to follow also.

4) Insurance claims REQUIRE proof of worth and pictures of packing.

5) International Shipments are more difficult than ever!

 Allow extra time for the new procedures and checks of products allowed to your specific country for international shipments.  Customers will also have to answer questions about each item in the shipment and sign each copy of the customs form. We don't want your shipment returned or disposed of by customs due to incorrect or incomplete information so international shipments take longer to process.

Once your packages are picked up by the shipping carriers, there are limits to what we can change or control. Sometimes we are able to make changes to the labels through the carriers once a package has left our store, but these may come with additional fees. When we create labels for you at GPB, we use our experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision for carrier and service, though it is ultimately your choice. If you experience difficulty with a package, GPB is here to help navigate the complexities of each carrier and file claims when possible.

6) GP takes care of your packages until the carriers pick them up.

Freight Shipments

Shipment too big for regular shipping? No worries, GP can help you with Freight Shipping.  Freight shipments are calculated by dimension, weight, packing materials required, and destination along with several other specifics .

Need a quote? Just fill out our Freight form

and we will send you one.

**Please be advised that freight quotes take 1-2 business days. PLEASE leave time for quoting and processing before the actual
shipping time.**

Image by Josiah Farrow

Restricted Items

Go Postal in Boone is not a hazardous goods facility for any carrier, we are not allowed to accept any packages that contain dangerous goods. This includes any item that is flammable.


If your hazardous goods package is left at our location the

carriers will not pick them up, so they will be discarded.

Prohibited items for GP

Air Bags, Aerosols, Alcoholic Beverages, All Tobacco Products, Ammunition, Explosive, Gasoline, Certain Glues, Live Animals, Marijuana, Matches, Certain Paints, Poison

Fire Arms, Hand Sanitizers, Hemp Products, Nail Polish, Perfumes

Prohibited items for GP

Prohibited Labels for GP

Human Remains must be shipped from the local Post Office.  


GP cannot accept any shipment with this label. Please contact the carrier on the label for shipping information

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