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International Shipping Guidelines

International Shipping can be a doozey but Go postal makes the shipping process as streamlined and simple as possible. Below is an overview of international shipping policies, tips for pre-paid labels, and resources for more detailed information. 

Prohibited  Items

With international shipping, there are certain goods that cannot be shipped due to international laws.

Prohibited goods cannot be shipped under any circumstance. Please research if the content of your package is safe to travel outside of the country before bringing it to Go postal, we'd hate to turn you away.

Common Prohibited Items include:

• Poisons

• postage stamps

• remains/body parts

• Weapons

• Alcohol

• Ammunition 

• Chemicals

• Drugs

• flammable

• guns

• Ivory

• plants

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Our Tips For International Shipping

  • RESEARCH THE COUNTRY YOU aRE SHIPPING TO.  it will have PROHIBITED ITEMS. every COUNTRY HAS THEIR OWN LIST and some countries are in groups with addiditonal restrictions. Carrier may also have a list of restricted items. 

  • Be sure you have all the information needed for the Ship to address. Other countries may require additional information or alternate formats.

  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS TAKE MUCH LONGER THAN DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS.  SHIP A MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE. go POSTAL has no control over the package once it has left our store. Your package will be visible on tracking only while in the US.

  • if you print your own label you must bring three (3) copies of the commercial invoice generated with your order. Contact your carrier if you're having trouble finding your commercial invoices.

  • be prepared to have your package unboxed and repackaged when we create a commercial invoice for your items. All contents must be recorded and will be checked again at customs. Go Postal Team members must list all items in the shipment along with specific information for each item. Correct information is advised to ensure the best chance for delivery. Your signature is required.

  • pack fragile items especially well, there are a lot of ways your item could be damaged in transit, so be sure it is wrapped and packed Securely.

Looking For More Information On International Shipping? 
Check Out These Resources

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