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GP has a full staff of graphic designers that are always happy to make your ideas into real products.  Looking for small or wide format printed materials? Digital ads or Instagram posts? Or need a new logo or logo refresh? We are here for you.  Click on the boxes below for more  information on the design services GP offers.  

Logo Creation & Style Guides

Our experienced designers can happily assist with the creation of your company logo and branding guides. Logo discovery and finalization generally run between $200 and $500.  It depends on the complexity of the logo and the customers' need for a minimal to comprehensive design. Our branding guides include the fonts, colors, icons, and detailed directions on their usage.  We provide both a physical and digital copy for our customer and keep a copy in our records for ease of future orders.

Image by Neven Krcmarek

Our lead designers can digitally improve the look of faded or worn photos.  Our talented staff can improve the appearance of a digital copy of a physical photograph which has been damaged by natural, man-made, or environmental causes or simply affected by age or neglect.

Vector Logo
Art Or Logo

Vectorization is creating a digital file that allows you to resize and reposition without losing clarity.   Having a vector logo is very useful when ordering various print products and advertising.  Contact us today to speak with design team on how we can help.


Design Deposit

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Upload File

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Did you know that when GP creates a design, we keep a copy in our secure database for ease of reordering?

Did you know that GP can create designs that you find on online competitors?

Design & Print ready information

What file format do I need to submit?

​In order to print your files, they must be sent to us in .pdf format. As a .pdf, your file is compatible with our printers and most likely to retain all fonts and images as you intended. Please make sure that your images are embedded and your fonts are embedded or outlined. If this is not done, your file may lose some typefaces and/or images.


If your file is anything other than a .pdf (.jpg, .peg, .tiff, etc,) you will need to convert it to a .pdf yourself or pay a design fee to have us change it for you.

What color mode do I need to submit my file in?

In order to have the colors on your file print properly, the file must me in CMYK color mode. RGB is formatted for web viewing. Colors can change dramatically from screen to print when the file is in RGB. Changes from screen to print will not be visible on your proof as it will be viewed on a screen.When printing a true rich black, make sure your CMYK values are all set at 100. When printing with a blue in your design, be sure there is at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values. This avoids having your blues print purple.If you need us to convert your file, we can do that-usually for the minimum design fee.

What file size do I need to submit?

​Please be sure that your submitted files are correctly sized. For example, if you would like your arch print to be 24”x36”, please make sure that your .pdf is also 24”x36”.


While we can print to fit on some copies, flyers, and posters, we are not responsible for the quality, scale or placement of the print, should you choose this option.

Does my file need bleed?

Please insure that your file has the correct amount of bleed if it is required. Bleed is built into the design to ensure that any background images or colors extend all the way to the edge of your print product. It extends the images past the cut line, and the excess is trimmed after printing.


Bleed is needed in order to preserve the quality and look of your product since there are small shifts in some printing and cutting processes.

Do I need to outline my text or flatten my images?

​To prevent printing issues related to transparencies in your file, please flatten all images and never use  shadows, glows, or other types of transparency over a spot color.

Files submitted should have all text outlined for proper printing.  This ensures fonts used in your design will print accurately.

Can I submit files that were made in Canva?

Files created and exported from Canva do not meet print ready requirements.

These files are made for digital use and will not print properly.

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