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Mailbox Rentals

Can't get your packages delivered to your home or office?
No Problem!

Accepted Photo ID

  • U.S. State/Territory/Driver's or Nondriver's ID Card
  • Uniformed Service ID

  • U.S. Access Card

  • U.S. University ID Card

  • Passport

  • Matricula Consular

  • NEXUS Card

  • Certificate of Naturalization

  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card

Mailbox Setup
Mailbox Setup is by appointment only and may take 15-20 minutes.

​Your $25.00 setup fee is due at the initial box setup. You will be issued 2 mailbox keys when your mailbox is opened. If you need replacement keys or do not turn in your keys when closing your box, there will be an additional $34.98 fee. (This includes replacing the lock.)

Required Documentation
We are required by USPS to keep 2 forms of ID on file for each applicant, including businesses. One must be a photo ID and one must show the correct address.  These must be presented in person at the initial setup and before receiving mail.


Recent updates to federal laws mandate new requirements for receiving mail. GP must have specific identification and updated information to open and maintain mailboxes for compliance with the current laws. These requirements apply to all names accepting mail in the mailbox 16 years of age and over. For businesses, the personal information for the owner is required as well as the Articles of Incorporation or Organization for the business. 

1 - A current photo ID

2 - A current address ID for proof of home address 

3 - A current signature (in person) on our USPS form #1583

4 - An updated GP Mailbox contract

Accepted Address id - Must show correct current address 

  • U.S. State/Territory/Driver's or Nondriver's ID Card
  • Current Lease

  • Mortgage or Deed of Trust

  • Voter Card
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy

  • Vehicle Registration Card

Unaccepted Forms of Identification

Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Credit Cards

Mailbox Options-

Small Mailboxes:

  • 6 months - $89.94

  • 12 months - $159.96

Includes up to 5 packages per week and all regular mail for personal or family members only-letters, postcards and catalogs. These are popular with people or businesses that need a street address on record or someone to accept their mail, but aren't frequent online purchasers.

 Large Mailboxes:

  • 6 months - $159.96

  • 12 months - $259.92

Includes up to 10 packages per week and all regular mail for personal, family, and business mail - letters, postcards and catalogs. These are popular with persons, families or businesses that will receive packages at a higher frequency.


  • Setup Fee: $25.00

  • Replacement Key: $34.98

  • No Key Return: $34.98

Additional Information:

  • Mailboxes recieving more than 40 packages a month will incur additional fees

  • Go Postal Mailboxes do not include freight shipment reception 

  • Freight shipment reception must be preauthorized by management and                                     receives a custom quote 

Cancellation Policy 

Due to our busy schedule, we request that you cancel your appointment at least 1 hour in advance of the meeting. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment you will need to reschedule.

contact details

207 New Market Centre, Boone, NC, USA

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